If you are looking for an intelligent, down-to-earth, and unassuming beauty… you have found your perfect companion. An expert hetaera!

I am a woman who strives to be as natural as possible. A professional and discreet provider that loves to spend quality time with her suitors, and become acquainted with their desires. Getting to know my companions on a personal and intimate level is definitely very important to me. Therefore, I prefer longer engagements where we can go out for dinner and drinks, maybe enjoy a cultural event, or just a quick coffee and dessert. Spending more time with you gives me necessary insights into your likes and desires. However, a quick, passionate engagement where we can indulge in each other’s company is also appealing. I love to pamper and please my suitors, and I like being pampered in return!

On any given day you can either find me in the gym weightlifting or practicing yoga. You can definitely call me a gym rat! Because of this, I am my most comfortable in gym clothes. But who isn’t?! If you want to really impress me, bring a gift card for athletic attire or gym gear (lol). You can also find me at a cafe working on my dissertation. Yes, you heard that right, my dissertation. I am an undercover nerd, and I will definitely regale you with the details during our outing, if you wish. However, I am about as unpretentious as they come. On most days, you will find me without a full face of makeup, but don’t let my everyday look fool you. I exude a magnetic presence and beauty, and I love to have an excuse to dress up. I can be quite stunning when dressed to impress. This duality in my nature is what draws people to me, and they rarely leave disappointed. In fact, they leave wanting more.

I have always had a naughty and mischievous side. When I was 18, I became a stripper and worked for years in the industry. I became a skilled pole and lap dancer during this time, and if you ask nicely, I could be persuaded to give you a lap dance! There are also many wild stories to tell about my time in various clubs all over the United States. During my time as a dancer, I would occasionally offer my unique and hedonic companionship to select clients by word of mouth and sometimes local advertisement. Never on a larger scale. But, everyone needs a change sometimes, so I left the dancing and provider world behind when I “retired” a few years ago to pursue my PhD. However, I have found that I love this world too much to let it go, so I am once more offering my passionate (and sometimes kinky) services to the discerning person on a grander scale. I want to travel and have adventure! Will you be the person to do that?

When it comes to partners, I don’t really have a “type”. All are welcome! The biggest factor in my attraction to someone is their personality. I enjoy spending time with men, women, non-binary, transgender and couples. Additionally, I am a kinky goddess who loves to explore and experiment. A sensual paramour, I can either dominate or submit. If you want to explore a new kink, just ask me! I may be interested. However, if you are seeking more of a voluptuary encounter, that is equally as fun for me. I love making my dates feel glorious and relaxed after our time together.


Body type and details:

I am half Latina and half caucasian, but I favour my Latina side. I have long brown hair, which I usually have dyed in an ombre style, and I also have dark brown eyes. I tan very easily, but because I am in England, it is a little harder to maintain that olive glow. Too many gloomy days! I also have a naturally curvy / athletic body type. I do have tattoos and piercings. I feel that the body is a canvas and it should be decorated!


Bra: 36 D

Waist: 31 inches

Hips: 45 inches

Height: 5′ 4″ (163cm)

Weight: 173lb (79kg)

Shoe size: UK 6 (US 8, 39 EU)

Clothing size: 12 or 14 UK (8 or 10 US); medium or large