• It is difficult for me to make short notice bookings because I have many other obligations in my life, so I ask that suitors keep this in mind. Please book at least 24 hours in advance. During tours, just text me to see if there is availability. It is possible!
  • At this time I am only doing outcalls to screened suitors. I will occasionally offer incall when I am touring so follow me on Twitter @reneepelagie to know when and where I am touring. If you do not want to wait for a tour or make a reservation for accommodation in your name, I am more than happy to do this for us! Just make sure to get the money to me when you make your deposit.
  • To book a date with me, please feel free to use my emails ( or, or text me at +44 7365 106349.
  • When contacting me through email or text, please provide the following information: Your full legal name; the city you wish to see me in; the type of booking you were interested in (2 hr meet up / kinky or not kinky / etc.); the date and start time of the booking; and, your preferred screening material (the options are listed below).
  • All parties involved in the booking must understand that I am being compensated for my time and not for acts of a sexual nature. Any sexual acts that occur during our date are because we share a genuine connection, and we have chosen to act on this connection as two consenting adults. Additionally, all parties in the booking must be aware that it is being made. I do not consent to being a ‘surprise’, nor for myself to be surprised when I arrive.
  • Deposits must be paid so the booking is confirmed. At this time, I am only seeing a limited number of suitors, so my availability books fast. Keep this in mind when trying to set up a date. Priority is given to clients who pay the deposit first. The remaining booking fee can be paid in cash which can either be placed in: a greeting card / envelope, a book you think I would enjoy, or a gift bag. This is to be handed to me within the first 10 minutes of our date. If it is in an envelope, I will discreetly excuse myself to the washroom to check on the contents. If not in cash, you can chose to pay the remaining amount through Cash App or PayPal.
  • Please be polite. I do not respond to vulgar messages unless I have given you explicit consent that you can do so.


All of my clients must go through a screening process. This is for my safety, and so I am aware of who I am meeting. I value discretion, so all screening material that I receive is deleted after our date. I have several options for screening and you can chose the one that is most comfortable for you:

1. A link to your LinkedIn profile.

2. A selfie with you and your ID (you may use your finger to cover the ID number, or other sensitive information, but your full name must be visible).

3. Picture of your business card or work badge along with your work email.

4. One reputable independent provider reference with a link to their profile. I must have a link to their profile and not just their number or email.


There is a £100 deposit to book. This lets me know that you are serious about our date, and helps me book travel if necessary.

Fly Me To You Dates – I love traveling, and I look forward to traveling to see you! I have a passport and I am ready to use it. Deposits for FMTY are 50% of the total. Additionally, all travel expenses (separate from deposit) need to be paid in advance. This is so I can book my travel to you. I count any location that I need to travel by plane, as a FMTY. Travel in England by train, or in the US State in which I reside, is not counted as FMTY, so regular deposit rules apply.

Deposits can be paid via Cash App, PayPal, or an Amazon giftcard, with Cash App being the preferred method. The remaining amount can be paid in cash when we meet.

  • Cash App – £marquisedesade

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Life happens! I understand that sometimes plans have to change because of unforeseen events. Please contact me at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel our date. I will work with you to reschedule to a date that works for both of us. Your deposit will go toward this new booking, so no need to pay again. If you decide not to reschedule, it is up to my discretion (I take into account family matters) if I will refund the deposit. I use the deposit to book travel, and I usually do this as soon as the date is confirmed, so take this into account.

If I am the canceling party, I will refund the deposit in full.